Peter Pan

Some scenes that I grew up watching, never really made me think! I didn't pay attention to certain things like I do now. I recently watched Peter Pan with my son. There is a scene where Wendy is sitting in the tree with the Lost boys and her brothers trying to remind them of their... Continue Reading →


As God walked my path, he wept for me, Taking hits from all the debris. He was carrying me through my life's storm, Healing my soul to be transformed. But, I didn't know that he was there, Making sure that I stayed unaware. He covered my eyes when I was young, So, I would be... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss

I am so excited to share this with you all. My experience at trying to lose weight is laughable. I never stick with anything and I sure as hell never want to eat better, drink anything but soda or ever exercise. The cavity that I had in my wisdom tooth was brutal pain. It physically... Continue Reading →

Meticulous Monstrosity

As an individual who has suffered from several traumatic events, I despise all these promises of healing and forgiveness that they say can be acquired from years of therapy... Yeah, after spending tons of money, gas and time. Not that I think it's impossible. But, for me, I know it's is. My trauma has molded... Continue Reading →

Questioning Love

Often in life you exasperate your energy and money on someone who would never do it for you. My ex didn't deserve my loyalty or my money and unfortunately I constantly gave both of these things to him. I find myself getting so angry about it when I'm not where I could be because of... Continue Reading →


I am just going to have to put this out there. Being a Mom and being sick is the worst feeling in the world. Your kids just don't get that you cannot move and that you don't want to talk. They continue to tear the house apart and bother you for a necessity every 5... Continue Reading →

Force of Nature

Children sure have a way of making you do exactly what you don't feel like doing. I came home after my 7 hour shift where I teach 10 children his age. Not his fault but I spend a lot of energy on my class. By the time I get home, I don't really have tons... Continue Reading →

Sunsets and Murmerations

Riding down the road tonight as the sun was setting, I was in awe at the bright colors strewn across the sky. Blue, yellow and orange merging into a deep pink with spongy grey clouds dotted throughout the sky. I was thinking about God and His creation and taking in a beautiful moment when a... Continue Reading →


Do you ever get asked what do you want to do with your life? Am I the only one who cannot figure that out still in my 30's. I mean sure, I can give you a dream goal that would literally take a million or so dollars and years to even achieve. Honestly, I'm in... Continue Reading →

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